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Kory, Cathy and Kaia Burke

As wine club members and now the new owners and operators of Gelfand Vineyards, Kory and Cathy Burke feel very fortunate to carry on the legacy of Gelfand Vineyards.  In 2016 they celebrated a milestone birthday in Paso Robles and immediately fell in love with the town. With a dream of making amazing wines and raising their daughter in an idyllic town, they quickly realized the charm of Paso Robles lent itself as the perfect place to raise their daughter, Kaia, and become a part of an amazing wine community.

After stumbling upon a neglected boutique vineyard and a house just a mile as the crow flies from Gelfand Vineyards that was in need of some passion and love, they quickly jumped at the opportunity to tackle the project. The now newly renovated vacation rental at Dudley Vineyard has been shared with with others looking for their own private vineyard experience (https://gelfandvineyards.com/stay) while connecting with their loved ones. When it came to make the wine from the vineyard, the Burkes saw how their tastes mirrored the wines Len Gelfand had been making at Gelfand Vineyards. After some cajoling and Kory's willingness to do whatever necessary in making wine, Kory began working with Len on Dudley Vineyard wines and also with Gelfand Vineyards wines with Len's secrets to making amazing wines. 
After assisting Len in his winemaking process, the Burkes feel extremely fortunate to continue to work with the Gelfands. With the primary focus of continuing the winemaking magic process Len has designed for Gelfand wines with Len's guidance, they're also focused on growing the experiential and on-site experiences. As local Paso Roblans they're ready to set up a unique and personalized 1:1 on-site tasting experience while also continuing to make their Dudley Vineyards wine under the Gelfand method along withthe making of the amazing big bold reds the wine club has come to expect from Gelfand Vineyards.

Len and Jan Gelfand

The founding couple of Gelfand Vineyards, over the past nearly 20 years they have created the amazingly laid back, unique and memorable experience that is Gelfand Vineyards. Len has focused on creating memorable wines worthy of the most important events with your loved ones. Jan has been the design and experience guru creating the memorable interactions for our Wine Club experiences. The Gelfands have curated the experience at the vineyard and have made long-lasting relationships with the Wine Club members that have helped make Gelfand Vineyard what it is today.

The Gelfands have been passionate about wines for many years. Having had the opportunity to travel and visit hundreds of boutique wineries around the world, their dream was to one day be the people standing behind the counter pouring our own wines instead of those doing the tasting.

That dream became a reality in 2000, when they purchased a 25-acre parcel in the rolling hills of Paso Robles, a major wine-growing region in Central California, which has been labeled, "the next Napa Valley." Situated a mere 25 miles from the Pacific Ocean, the area is influenced by tremendous fluctuations in the weather, where summer days regularly hit in the 100s and evenings dip down into the 40s, placing a great deal of stress on the vines, not to mention on those lucky enough to live here. The swing in temperature intensifies the flavor of the grapes creating the perfect environment for big earthy reds. As such, the first ten+ acres have been planted with Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Syrah, and Petite Sirah.

Gelfand Vineyards focuses on producing limited quantities of the highest quality grapes available to be handcrafted into premium wines. We look forward to sharing these wines and memories with you.



The Real Dirt

Our Story

Wine has been a passion of ours for as long as we can remember. After visiting boutique wineries around the world, our dream was to be the ones behind the counter sharing our own estate-made wines from start to finish. In 2000 we found this amazing rolling hills property with nothing on it just waiting for the right steward to help it be the amazing experience that it has become.

To ensure that unique experience, we offer appointment-only bookings. We are very thankful for each and every one of our Club Members as well as our future Club Members and believe the intimate experience we offer is the backbone to our success.

Gelfand Vineyard

What makes Paso Robles unique is the amazing fluctuation of temperatures every day during the growing season. During the growing season you can wake up at 50 degrees and by afternoon it'll be 90-100 degrees out. This diurnal shift lends itself to amazing red wines only seen in the greatest wine regions of the world. Gelfand Vineyards produces the cornerstone grapes in California with a focus on red varietals.

What makes Gelfand Vineyards unique is the intimate experience with the owners, beautiful views including the 270 degree view of the Central Coast, and our goal to make your visit to Gelfand your most memorable vineyard and winery experience with views that will stain your memories for years to come.

Our Wines

We focus on red varietals including Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Syrah, Petite Sirah, Malbec, Sangiovese and Tempranillo. We create award-winning unique blends and single varietal wines. From our Lajur (translating to "Impossible Dream") to our SFR (also known as Sh*t-faced Red thanks to our Club Members who create this amazing blend every year that will sneak up on you if you're not careful) to our Mènage-A-Bunch which is made of our legacy grapes, we believe in producing wines that pair with everything. Not to mention our experimental vineyard where we blend world-class grapes in new ways.

As we look to expand the boundaries of wine making in Paso Robles, we use our sister vineyard, Dudley Vineyard, to be the core of our Incubator wine project where we create wines found nowhere else.